Fire Strategy Plan

A fire strategy is an all-encompassing document detailing how fire can impact a building and a business. It outlines fire safety objectives and the fire safety measures needed if necessary.

The fire safety strategy for new and modified buildings most often develops at the design stage of the project and develops throughout the construction phase until project completion.

Fire Engineering Consultancy Ltd work closely with our clients, ensuring a full understanding of the project aims and objectives to reach the most efficient and cost-effective design solutions in fire safety management.

A retrospective fire strategy, on the other hand, can be written to review the existing fire safety provisions within an existing building to highlight and address shortcomings in a fire risk assessment. The fire strategy is developed to take cognisance of the organisation’s policy on fire safety and operational requirements.

What will your fire strategy include?

The fire strategy document will clearly outline the framework for fire safety within the building and demonstrate compliance with the fundamental objectives of the Building Regulations, and where necessary, the additional measures or changes that should be considered.

The fire strategy report includes consideration of, and address the provisions for:

  • Tick
    Means of warning occupants and means of safe and timely escape
  • Tick
    Requirements and provisions for internal wall and floor linings in terms of their combustibility
  • Tick
    The requirements and provisions for the ability of the construction to resist internal fire spread (compartmentation)
  • Tick
    The requirements and provision for the construction of external walls to ensure they adequately resist external fire spread
  • Tick
    Access and facilities to aid the Fire and Rescue Services, such as provision and design of firefighting lifts and stairs, vehicle access and fire mains and hydrants and other fire safety equipment
  • Tick
    Regulation 6(3), 7(2) and 38

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